Southern Stretch Forming provides stretch formed steel, aluminum extrusions and exotic metals, such as brass, stainless steel and copper, for buildings, malls, residential and business developments, transportation systems and other uses. Whatever your project, we have got the people, the experience and the technology to do it on budget, do it on time and do it right.

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Our customers
Architects, designers, builders and construction engineers rely on stretch forming to meet a variety of needs. Over the years, many of them have come to rely on Southern Stretch Forming. They know they can count on us to meet the strictest specifications and make the tightest deadlines.

Our commitment
Southern Stretch Forming customers also know that not only are we committed to customer satisfaction, but that our commitment doesn’t end with product delivery. We stand behind the quality of our work, and the proof of that promise is the loyalty of our customers: they stick with us. Since we began business in a modest one-press shop in 1991, Southern Stretch Forming has grown to eight presses serving customers in 38 states and Mexico.

Our future
Southern Stretch Forming continues to stretch out to the rest of the country. We recently opened our fourth location…this one in Denver, CO. Now with this division covering the mountain states, our division near Pittsburgh, PA covering the northeast, Modesto, CA covering the western states, and Denton, TX for the central, south and southeast, Southern Stretch Forming can provide efficient and cost-effective service to all areas of the US.

Our work
We’re proud not only of the quality of our work but its variety as well. At Southern Stretch Forming our focus is on forms for the architectural and construction industries. If you’re unfamiliar with the versatile uses of stretch forming, you’ll find typical examples, usually drawn from our own projects, on this and our other web pages.



Southern Stretch Forming also curves many shapes for industrial use. We can curve break metal of up to 10” as well as stainless steel.





Archways on storefronts
& building entrances


Target Superstore archways require curved metal with no ripples.

Composite Panel Supports


We curve the extrusions used to mount composite panels on curved facades or columns.



Southern Stretch Forming curves aluminum for the exterior portion of cladded windows.



SSFF curves metal for residential and commercial solariums. Requires metal curving that assures perfect seal.

Barrel Vaulted Skylights


The Orange County Convention Center has metal curved by Southern Stretch Forming.



SSFF curved large aluminum extrusions into difficult serpentine shapes for this project.




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